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Best Pay Per Click

Reviewer Comments:

Yahoo! Search Marketing is one of the most effective Pay Per Click Engines we have used.  We have measured its effectiveness with a variety of products and found it to be one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods of reaching a targeted audience. The Yahoo Premium Plan reaches over 80% of all active internet users via the five most important search engines and their advertisers receive over 170 million highly targeted sales leads each month.

Statement from Yahoo:

The more search engines your listings appear on, the more customers you attract. And only Yahoo! Search Marketing Precision Match™ lists your business in the search results on eight of the top U.S. search properties: MSN, Yahoo!, AltaVista, InfoSpace, AlltheWeb and NetZero.

Local Match - Precisely target customers near your business location or within your service area.Increase foot traffic or telephone inquiries by connecting with prospects that prefer to research online, but purchase offline with a local provider.

Content Match - Extend your reach beyond sponsored results by displaying your listings to targeted customers as they view articles, product reviews and more.

Site Match - Increase your coverage on search results pages. Submit a few pages or your entire site to the database that powers standard (non-sponsored) search results for top web portals. Placement is based on relevance to search terms, not bids, and complements your presence in Precision Match™.

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Reviewer's Comments:

Google Adwords pay per click advertising is just smart. They have thought of just about everything to make the advertisers job easier. Bids are automatically reduced tp cost the advertiser the lowest amount to maintain targeted position so advertisers don't overspend. They utilize click through rates to rank ads, as well as bid amounts so ads that perform well can move up without costing the advertiser more. Google reaches the widest user base with its popular search portal and affiliates including Earthlink, Ask Jeeves, AOL, Netscape, AT&T and more.

Statement from Google Adwords:

"Google AdWords aims to provide the most effective advertising available for businesses of any size. We pledge to help you meet your customer acquisition needs by enabling you to:

  • Reach people looking for your product or service
  • Fully control your ad budget
  • Easily create and edit your ads
  • See your ads on Google within minutes of creating them

We also strive to give you the most friendly and knowledgeable customer service possible. You can expect a prompt response to your email questions, typically within one business day. You'll also have 24/7 access to detailed performance reports that help you track the effectiveness of your ad campaigns."

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Reviewer's Comments:

FindWhat has many of the benefits of Overture, but it is still small enough to offer low bid amounts and customer support for advertisers. FindWhat has a wide reach with WebCrawler, MetaCrawler, DogPile Search.com, and more using their results. Advertising with FindWhat is a great value as they provide maximum exposure for the cost per click.

Statement from FindWhat:

What if you could advertise to millions of prospects each day that are on the Internet actually searching for products and services like yours? What if you only had to pay for that advertising when someone clicked through to your website? And, what if you could choose what you wanted to pay for each click-through?

That's exactly what FindWhat.com offers to you through our keyword-targeted, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising service. FindWhat.com provides the optimal mix of price, reach, effectiveness, and ease-of-use to make it a must use for any PPC campaign. You will not only get highly qualified traffic driven to your website, you will be making the most of your advertising dollar with industry-leading returns on your investment. Marketing that drives qualified traffic to your site—that's what we call performance-driven marketing.

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Reviewer's Comments:

Enhance Interactive, formerly ah-ha, is a well designed user support oriented pay per click and pay per inclusion search engine. They were started as a clean and family friendly engine which has drawn Enhance a highly targeted user audience. Advertisers benefit from an assigned customer support agent to help them get going and low minimum bids.

Statement from Enhance:

"Reach your customers when they're truly engaged - a step beyond the search engines. Sometimes your best customers are the toughest to acquire. They are experienced Web users, and they know the information they want and where to get it. These customers establish usage patterns based on content and research that meets their buying needs and interests, outside of the Web search environment.

So how do you move outside of Web search with your customers? Contextual Advertising is a catch-all label for our extensive network of content-targeted ad opportunities. Enhance Interactive offers keyword-targeted, categorical, CPC, and run of network inventory. Whether it's a text link in a JupiterMedia email newsletter, a directory listing on NetZero or Juno, skyscraper/banner ads on leading vertical sites like MSN Zone, or EarthLink, Contextual Advertising fits your needs."

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Reviewer's Comments:

Looksmart has a substantial customer reach including traffic from popular portals: dogpile.com, excite.com, metacrawler.com, Lycos and CNET. LookSmart also offers advanced pay per click management tools and lower bid prices than Overture and Google. Looksmart has a relatively high minimum bid of .15 for inclusion targeting and .10 for keyword targeting, and a $15 minimum monthly spend amount.

Statement from LookSmart:

"Main features of LookListings:
However often your listing appears in search results, you pay only when potential customers click on your listing and visit your Web site.

Keyword targeting
Your listings appear for searches that match the specific keywords you select. Set your own cost-per-click (CPC) and control your position in search results.

Inclusion targeting
This no-hassle targeting option enables your listings to appear for searches on a broad set of keywords determined to be relevant to your site by search algorithms. Inclusion-targeted listings are priced at a flat $0.15 CPC*.

No fees to create or update listings
It's free to create new listings, add keywords, and update your campaigns.

Max CPC with auto-discounting
Set the ceiling on the CPC you're willing to pay. The actually CPC you're billed is discounted to the minimum value necessary to maintain your position in search results.

Relevancy discounts
LookSmart factors in a listing's click-through-rate (CTR) to calculate its position in search results. Therefore, your actual CPC can decrease as the performance of your campaign improves.

The Advertiser Center
With a single login you can access multiple accounts to review and update campaign properties. Personalize and download robust reports to measure and optimize your campaign performance.

Great service
Our professional editors and knowledgeable, friendly customer service teams help you get the most from your LookListings investment. "

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Reviewer's Comments:

7Search offers free site submission, .01 minimum bid amount and no monthly bid premium. Althought 7Search has a lower amount of traffic than other PPC's their dream tool that tracks bid management from various PPC engines is worth signing up for (must spend at least $25 to get the tool). Also, 7search pays you if support doesn't reply within one hour.

Statement from 7Search:

The 7Search/Pay-Per-Ranking advertising program generates quality website traffic on behalf of thousands of advertisers through its pay-per-click (bid for placement) advertising search engine. 

Currently providing results for over 400 million searches per month, 7Search specializes in serving website owners of "low profit margin" categories of business that cannot afford to pay over ten cents per visitor.

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Reviewer's Comments:

Though smaller than the giants, Overture and Google, Search123 has a healthy reach of advertising market. We like that you can get started for $25 and there is no minimum monthly bid amount. The user interface is easy to use and manage and users can even create sub accounts- an added bonus for marketing firms. 

Statement from Search 123:

"Advertising on the Search123 Network can extend the reach of any online advertising or search marketing campaign beyond the saturated, highly competitive, expensive portal traffic that is available through other pay-per-click search engine networks. Through our partnerships with quality web properties across all major commercial categories, our users are more likely to originate from untapped segments of active Internet users, providing marketers with access to a unique source of users on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis.

Since we launched our service in October 2000, Search123 has been providing online marketers with access to high-quality commercial search traffic, free account management and optimization services, and industry-leading online tools to assist advertisers and agencies in achieving their critical return-on-investment (ROI) and other performance metrics."

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Reviewer's Comments:

For businesses wishing to advertise via pay per click search engines to the European market, ESpotting is the ticket. eSpotting has a wide reach across Europ and supplies results for DogPile, Infospace, Netscape and others. eSpotting recently widened its reach partnering with FindWhat.com. On the downside, the ad campaign management tools aren't as sophisticated as Google and Overture and the amount of traffic can be spotty depending on the category and keyword.

Statement from eSpotting:

"Espotting can help you access targeted leads from across the web. We have hundreds of affiliate partners across the Internet. These affiliate partners are the websites, directories and search engines that carry our listings and which constitute our network.

With Espotting you only pay when a user clicks through to your site. What's more, you set the price. It's Traffic You Control.

Espotting is all about delivering ROI for our advertisers, driving targeted traffic to their site at a price set in order to achieve their goals. For example, for every £1 theTrainline.com spent, they received a £30 return. "

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Reviewer's Comments:

Juvio is a relatively new pay per click search engine accepting all categories. They offer a trademarked "Traffic Validation System" so you don't get charged for search engine spider, fraud and repeated clicks. Juvio also claims to be a family friendly or "safe" search engine.

Statement from Juvio:

"Performance Based Advertising Works
As a Preferred Site you will not only gain premium placement, but only pay for unincentivized, search driven, unique visits to your site.

Advertiser Traffic Validation System™
Juvio has built a proprietary fraud prevention system (TVS) to protect our advertisers from paying for robot/spider traffic, same user clicks and other fraudulent click activity that kills conversions and campaign performance.

Category Specific Pricing
Forget the days of high priced key words and competing with outlandish click bidding wars. Juvio's search results combine consumer site ratings with savvy key word selection giving you targeted high quality traffic. You pay the most competitively priced click available.
Online Campaign Management
On top of your Juvio search optimization consultant, you will have a host of back office tools at your disposal. With Juvio, you get no nonsense numbers, so you can gauge campaign effectiveness plus you have complete control over your keywords, phrases, site description and so much more…
Juvio Search Optimization Consultant
Rest assured whether it's your first advertising campaign or you're a seasoned Internet veteran, a Juvio Search Optimization Consultant will be on call to assist any and all of your needs."

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Reviewer's Comments:

SearchPixie has experienced recent rapid growth to its portal like web search. Bids on SearchPixie start at only 2 cents and you can choose what countries your site will be visible for clicking in. $25.00 Starting deposit amount. 

Statement from SearchPixie:

"We have NO cheater traffic - goto our forum where we actively expose cheaters
Traffic - You only pay for the traffic you receive. If a user does not click on your link, you don't pay!
Targeting - Directly connect with specific audiences through custom titles and descriptions.
Cost effectiveness - You set the amount you are willing to spend per visitor, starting as low as $.02 per click
Easy account management - Get 24 hours a day, 7 days a week account access where you can add/modify your settings or see reports on your traffic.
No Hidden Costs - There are no hidden costs or extra fees
Fraud protection - Proxy and Bot click protection, Including advanced Country filtering, ensuring only valid quality targeted traffic
You Decide from which countries you accept traffic - not us, but YOU decide your country filtering options, on a per keyword basis
Search word tool - find related keywords using SearchPixies huge keyword database."

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